Apr 18 at This worked for me!

For those not seeing the "Accept" button, this is the right solution. Delete those apps and then reinstall.

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Likely due to pre-installed apps on new Mac. Then click Accept. I did what you said to do. Sorry to hear that. Maybe try rebooting? Another possibility is that there's probably a limit on how many Macs you can have the apps installed on. For me,rebooting doesn't help, and I only have a single Mac.

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There is no "Account" page. It works for me. This indeed is how you access your Account page, but as some others are pointing out the "accept" bar still doesn't show up when you have this issue because you transferred your data from an old Mac to a new one.

See apple. Apple makes a number of apps free to macOS users, some of which were paid at one point. It can also occur if you Mac is serviced and the drive remains in place but the motherboard is swapped.

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At the top, it should tell you that there are apps to adopt; it may give you a reason as in this figure. Click Accept. You may be asked to adopt Apple apps because of a motherboard replacement, Apple ID issue, or seemingly at random.

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You will be prompted for an administrative account and password. Enter that. Apple reviews every Mac App Store app and update prior to release, minimizing the likelihood of problems.

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In the App Store section of System Preferences, you can optionally automate updates to installed apps, too. Reasoning varies from a lack of deep system access for utilities to app creators wanting the ability to immediately issue updates rather than having them await Mac App Store review.

However, if you decide to download an installer from the Internet, only do so from reputable sources. DMG files are mountable disk images. When opened, they appear in the Finder sidebar.

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DMGs may contain an installer that itself must be opened, after which point you follow on-screen instructions. Most, though, simply contain a copy of the app. A folder shortcut may be provided to make this easier.