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Panopto is leading DAM software specialising in enterprise video. It enables organisations and universities around the world to upload, host, and share videos in a secure, private YouTube-like platform. Users can record and edit videos right in the software too. Large-scale live streaming is also supported. Daminion is a simple and easy-to-use digital asset management system. Additionally, it keeps all the file information such as copyright and the rights to use in the metadata.

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It allows you to easily import photos from other programs and integrates well with software such as Photoshop and InDesign. But its unrivaled benefit is its affordable plan for small teams. It allows enterprises to upload, store, manage, share, and track all sorts of files, including images, videos, audios, texts, and creative files.

It also boasts capabilities such as content workflows that will help streamline content creation and planning processes. Beyond that, it provides integrated content insights and analytics that show how your content is performing and measure content ROI. However, you can expect the feature-rich platform to come with premium price tags. MerlinOne is a digital asset management hub that is trusted by giant corporates such Comcast and Koa. It lets users upload, store, manage, edit, and distribute assets. Users can simply publish content stored in the hub to social media platforms, CRM, and other channels with its one-click publishing feature.

There is also a built-in system for approval and review paths to accelerate content cycles. IntelligenceBank is DAM software that is dedicated to drive content marketing with its centralised, shared system. Its clean and bright user interface and dashboard make it easy to use and a well-loved software by its users. Its core strengths, however, lie in its capability to let internal and external parties frictionlessly collaborate on artworks with features like annotations conversation and access control.

Additionally, it has advanced search and filter capabilities and automatic keyword tagging feature for convenience. Cumulus is enterprise-grade digital asset management software that powers successful brands such as Honda and Wells Fargo and agencies like NASA. Enterprises can either deploy Cumulus on-premise or both on-premise and on cloud servers.

It comes with an impressive content management that allows videos and images to be transformed and transcoded on the fly. Another feature important to enterprises is its Cumulus Portals that let you create branded portals to share and collaborate with third parties. However, the learning curve of the software can be steep and a little bit intimidating.

Another feature that stands out is its Enterprise Single Sign-On for top-notch security. On the downside, ResourceSpace offers annual plans and charges annually only; there is no monthly billing option. But it does offer GB storage and a no time-limit free trial.

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Workfront Library is cloud-based DAM software that is designed for enterprises to have a centralised digital asset hub throughout the full cycle from creation to use. It comes with a content management for all the work-in-progress and personalised workspaces for individual performers to work on their own.

Users can also create customisable collaboration portals to share groups of content with internal and external collaborators. It also enables you to automate creative and content workflows across departments and teams. However, you can expect the pricing to reflect the robust features and end-to-end solution offered by the software. Amplifi is cloud based DAM software that is easy to use with its intuitive user interface. Like Workfront Library, it also allows fully branded look and feel and boasts customisable portals.

Besides, Amplifi automates media transcoding and leverages AI for content tagging and product-centric organisation. Another unique feature about the software is all the videos uploaded and stored are readily available to stream, embed, and link, and for on demand cross conversion. All the digital assets can also be easily published, distributed, and shared via third party apps that accept automation.

It boasts unlimited storage plus the size of your Google Drive and enables you to build custom links between assets to have related files together. You can also easily group files in collections and label them with colour and keyword. When it comes to publishing or sharing, it offers ready-made templates for you to customise and publish contents and provides interactive proofing templates for collaboration with external parties. For those who are on a tight budget, the good news is Pics. Phraseanet is one of the very few open source digital asset management software that you can download and use for free.

But the France-based publisher of Phraseanet, Alchemy, does provide maintenance and SaaS services for those who need it.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software

Pricing: Open source and free Website: www. Its platform allows enterprises around the world to upload, store, manage, share, and track digital assets from one single source. It comes with built-in team management, enterprise file syncing and sharing, content hub, and content portals. The platform is fully integrable with other systems and apps. Though the pricing is not available on the website, you can reasonably assume that it will be premium and targeted large-size enterprises.

You will have complete and painless control and access to the full lifecycle of all your digital assets in one place in no time!

ResourceSpace Open Source Digital Asset Management Introduction

Plus, all your digital assets will be secure and well-protected. Remember to make the most out of it by maximising your brand consistency too!

Do you prefer it a bit more personal? Just book a demo.

Rapid on-premise DAM

Digital asset management DAM is critical in this digital age. So critical — in fact — that it is now officially part of the martech conversation. As more and more companies are growing, scaling and becoming more digitised, their digital assets — videos, audios, images, documents, and creative files — are also multiplying.

What is DAM software?

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Library Asset Management systems: This type focuses more on the storage and retrieval of large sums of infrequently changing media assets. Production Asset Management systems: These are focused on the storage, organisation and revision control of media that is frequently changing. Digital Supply Chain services Focused on distributing content to digital retailers.

Adobe Bridge is a digital asset management app developed by Adobe Systems and first released with Adobe Creative Suite v2.

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Adobe Bridge is a companion program for Photoshop. It's often referred to as a digital asset manager, or a media manager, because it gives us powerful ways to find, manage and organize our ever-growing collection of photos and images. In fact, Bridge isn't limited to just photos, or just Photoshop. It's actually a companion program for every Adobe app in the Creative Cloud or the Creative Suite , and we can use it to manage not just images but also Adobe Illustrator files, InDesign files, videos, and any other file type we use with Adobe's software. It only has limited integration with Capture One, in spite of Phase One's claims, and I have several minor issues with it, and currently have stopped using it - but I go in cycles where I decide its that much better than anything else I have, and go back to using it, and then get annoyed with it, and abandon it again.

I have had spells of using this as my main catalogue along with using Sessions in Capture One. That's brilliant, thank you for all that detail and the suggestions. I'll look into this. Phase One?

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If so what is the difference between them if they both handle my images as a DAM? Is Capture One 64 bit? Bridge manages files that are physically available on the file system. It depends on the file system and that makes it a file browser. The truth is in the file system. For DAM software, the truth is in the catalog database. It can even work with images that are offline, like a USB drive that was imported but is currently unavailable.

Having an independent catalog database is crucial in the DAM definition. MediaPro is their DAM solution. C1 is an editor first with some management features. C1 may suffice for the basic DAM uses. Phase One makes medium format camera, and Capture One was their raw processing software for the files from Phase One cameras.